The 9 Project Management Knowledge Areas

The various types of processes associated with the discipline of project management have been classified and grouped into nine categories in the PMBOK Guide, known as Project Management Knowledge Areas. The purpose of these Knowledge Areas is to better organize the different processes and bring the processes having common characteristics under one category. For instance, the Project Cost Management Knowledge Area would include all the different aspects of the budgeting process. Hence, processes like Cost Estimating, Cost Budgeting, and Cost Control would fall under this Knowledge Area. But, it gets tricky — these 3 processes are not part of the same project management process group. Estimating and Budgeting fall under Planning whereas Cost Control is a part of the Monitoring and Controlling process group. We can look at it this way: Knowledge Areas categorize and organize processes on the basis of common features, whereas project management process groups are a mechanism to determine the order in which the project management processes should be undertaken. Its important to remember here that its possible to come back through these processes more than once. Here are the nine Knowledge Areas according to the PMBOK: